Darryl Rogers


Darryl Rogers is an artist who works with video, installation and virtual imaging. With a distinctive use of media Rogers endeavors to alter the constituent variables of space and time attempting to poke holes in the seemingly impervious materiality of the world around us.

 Whilst Rogers started his career as an artist his trajectory to being able to produce the level of technical and creative quality his work reveals today has included many auxiliary roles such as award winning special effects creator for film, theatrical set designer, museums design consultant, multi media and broadcast television producer to name but a few.

 On encountering one of his time-based installations there is an immediate sense of disorientation, realizing that what is being observed seems to counter the familiar physics by which the world is known.  It is this physical “non-reality” that Rogers explores conjuring characteristics of illusion, miracle, quantum mischief and the metaphysical.


2012                Bachelor of Contemporary Art (Hon)                  University of Tasmania  

2011                Bachelor of Art (Fine Art)                                   Curtain University of Technology

1991                Producer Training                                             AFTRS Sydney

1980-81          Diploma of Fine Art Studies                               Queensland College of Art


2016                AquaLumina/Waterlines                                    Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery TAS

2016                Tarkayna Hypo-Stasis                                       Sawtooth ARI, TAS

2016                Tamar Waltz (Metascape)                                  Artentwine, TAS

2016                Sehnsucht #3                                                     Vivid Sydney, NSW (Kensington Contemporary)

2016                Metascape Marathon                                        Sawtooth ARI, TAS

2015                The Marathon Exhibition                                   Sawtooth ARI, TAS

2015                The Persistence of Vision                                  QVMAG, TAS

2015                A Timeless Sea                                                   FACT, UK

2015                Metascape Launceston                                      Channels Video Art Festival, VIC

2015                Worlds Apart                                                     Sawtooth ARI, TAS

2015                Numinous I / Sehnsucht #2                              Jugglers Art Space, QLD

2015                Incognito                                                          Sawtooth ARI, TAS

2014                Sehnsucht                                                         Sawtooth ARI, TAS

2014                Terra Firma                                                      Sawtooth ARI, TAS

2013                Collision                                                           Monash University, VIC

2013                Waterwalkers                                                    Sawtooth ARI, TAS

2012                Urban                                                               Brunswick St Gallery, VIC

2012                Waterwalkers                                                    UTAS Academy Gallery, TAS

2012                Event Horizon                                                   Q View Albury Art Gallery, NSW           

2011                Metascape                                                        Brunswick St Gallery, VIC          

2011                A Timeless Sea                                                 Vancouver Art Centre, WA

2011                A Timeless Sea                                                 Brunswick St Gallery, VIC

2011                Hard Rubbish Show                                         Brunswick St Gallery, VIC

2009                String Theory                                                   Brunswick St Gallery, VIC

2009                Sadie                                                                Williamstown Art Prize, VIC

2009                Portrait 09 Finalist                                          Brunswick St Gallery, VIC

Public Art

2013                Neil Davis Memorial                                          Sorell Primary School, TAS

2011                100 Years St Virgil’s College                              St Virgil’s College, TAS 

Professional Career Credentials

2016                TiVaF Tasmanian International Video Art Festival Co-Curator/Co-Founder

1987-2016      Immersive Experience Designer/Producer

1996-2006      ABC and SBS Documentary and Animation Producer

1998-2000      Network 7 and 10 Documentary Producer

1989-2016      Museum Interpretive and Curatorial Consultant

2001                Arts Festival Creative Director

1985-2016      Theatrical Producer and Designer

1996                Australian Film Commission Producer Fellowship    


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